Do I have adrenal fatigue?

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Do I have adrenal fatigue?

Today, we are all under so much stress that I usually assume that my patients have some level of adrenal dysfunction. The most common symptom is fatigue. And that is also one of the most common reasons people come to see me.

Here are some other symptoms of adrenal dysfunction:

  • Feeling “wired and tired”
  • Developing new allergies or sensitivities, or worsened allergic reactions
  • Having chronic allergic conditions, like asthma, eczema
  • More or new chemical intolerances
  • Nervousness, anxiety, irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating, especially before lunch
  • Easily confused
  • Weakness or less stamina
  • Alternating constipation and diarrhea
  • Frequent illnesses and infections
  • Slower recovery from illnesses and infections
  • Feeling overwhelmed more often
  • Lightheadedness when you stand up
  • Less interest in doing things
  • Frequent sighing
  • Generally feeling unwell, or “never well since…”

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I think of the adrenal glands as the centerpiece of our body’s hormone system. If there is another hormonal imbalance occurring like perimenopause or hypothyroid, those symptoms could be worsened by poor adrenal function.

  • Increased PMS symptoms
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Hypothyroid symptoms not responding to treatment

Many people say that these feeling are causing them to be more irritable to their partners, roommates, children and co-workers. They might have less productivity at work. In general they are feeling “burnt out.”

Sleep is disrupted because hormones have a day/night routine. People with adrenal fatigue are often tired at 9 or 10pm, but they don’t go to bed then. If they stay up past 11pm they might get a “second wind” and not be able to fall asleep until well past midnight. They usually don’t feel rested in the morning and might have a difficult time getting out of bed. They don’t really “wake up” until 10am. Often they feel better after lunch, but then have an afternoon energy drop.

People with poor adrenal function often crave salty and fatty foods. They might drink too much caffeine to get going, but often caffeine makes them more tired.

What can I do about it?

Do you want to have more energy?
Do you want to sleep better?
Do you want to wake up rested?

Naturopathic medicine excels at restoring adrenal function through routine, diet and herbal supplements!

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