Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Why Breakfast?

Breakfast sets the tone for you whole day. If you start the day with a pile of pancakes drenched in syrup, you won’t feel good by mid-morning. When you eat a breakfast with protein, fiber and fresh fruits or vegetables your body will be hungry for more of those types of foods all day.

Eating breakfast helps with concentration and memory, it helps with weight loss (yes!), and it helps prevent the risk of diabetes or heart disease. Finding recipes that are easy to incorporate into our busy days are key.

Try these Fast and Tasty ideas!

1. Spinach Frittata Muffins

The ingredient list looks daunting, but they are actually pretty simple to make. And tasty! I make these the night before and eat them cold in the morning. Still tasty!

Recipe at Nourish

2. Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds have tons of omega 3s in them (though not the EPA/DHA fish oil form I recommend supplementing with), and they have an interesting texture. I like using them whole, but my kids like the pudding texture better if I grind them up before letting them sit. There are lots of variations on this pudding and so far most I’ve tried have been quite tasty. Another make the day before recipe for an easier morning!

Recipe at Wellness Mama

3. Smoothie Bowl

This is any basic smoothie that you put in a bowl and top with fresh fruit and crunchy things. The variation-possibilities are endless!

The one pictured below is an advanced technique. Start simple!

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