Quick and Easy Dinners

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Quick and Easy Dinners!

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Are you running out of dinner ideas?

Is there just not enough time after school and before bedtime to make healthy dinners?

Is the idea of dinner stressing you out?

Me, too! Unlike some of my colleagues, I do not love to cook.

I hate figuring out what’s for dinner.

It has to be something that the kids (and I!) will like and that I can prepare in half an hour.

Here are some of my
tried & true
quick & easy

Most of these meals are mix & match so each person can combine their own dish. This accounts for my picky eaters and for grown-ups who like a bit more seasoning, or extra vegetables!
I found the recipes I use online.
I love my InstantPot.
I also try to keep rice ready to eat in the fridge.

Lentil Soup

Everyone in my family will eat lentils and rice, so this is a favorite of ours. The kids eat the rice and soup, I spice mine up with extra veggies and seasonings!

Easy Rice

Make it in the InstantPot
for no mess / just right rice.

Lentil Soup

Another InstantPot recipe

Extra Veggies

Fresh greens are delicious

Spice it Up!

Add some heat

Salad for Dinner

This is a bowl, or tacos, or a burrito or a tostada. Let the kid’s choose and they’re more likely to eat it!

Salad in a Bag

These are very popular right now and come in tons of varieties. I get what’s on sale that week!


So the meal lasts longer: I add a veggie burger patty or shrimp or extra beans or cheese.

Fresh Vegetables

Peppers, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Beets – I generally have at least one of these in the fridge.

Bean & Rice Bowl

To be honest, this is one of my go-to’s when I’m just feeding myself. I feel good about the meal and it’s super fast!


Canned are fast. The InstantPot makes easy work of dried beans.


This is why I keep it in the fridge ready to go!

Extra Veggies

I often use frozen!


Add some heat


Makes anything delicious!

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