About Jaie

I’m a busy person just like you are probably. I am a naturopathic doctor and I run my own business here in Philadelphia consulting with folks both locally and virtually. I also have three kids, ages 2-10. I love spending time with them; I volunteer in their school and I’m a co-leader of the girl scout troop.

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Jaie Bosse, ND

  • Do you wake up tired?
  • Are you living with chronic illness? Or chronic symptoms?
  • Are you yelling at the kids more than you want, just because you’re all rushed and irritable?
  • Are you struggling with making easy, healthy dinners?
  • Are you confused at the grocery store about what to buy?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the supplements that supposedly help increase energy?

You want to wake up each morning ready to go, with healthy food in the fridge and healthy meals planned for the week, with enough energy to get everything done. And you want the time you spend with your kids to be fun and enjoyable, not another chore.

This website is under construction, email me at jaie@illuminatinghealth.com.

I love to help folks who are busy like me, who want to be healthy, who want to model healthy living for their kids, and who are too tired to figure out how to actually do it!

Even though I’m the doctor I don’t always follow my own advice.

My Story

I’m going to share a story with you. And, tbh, this is my story. This happened to me and this is why I want to help you today.

I had two really tough years that really drained me physically and emotionally. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and moved quickly through various treatments and then onto hospice. There was another significant illness with hospitalizations in the family. My third child was born. I got divorced. It was a lot at once!

And then I turned 40 and I was too tired and overwhelmed with life to even celebrate. Even though generally I’m a good sleeper, I was having a hard time sleeping. My back started to hurt so I wasn’t exercising. I was eating crappy snacks – Herr’s potato chips and french onion dip anyone? I started drinking more coffee than ever before, for me, that was two cups in the morning and then another cup or two after lunch! I could name every symptom – the increased acne, the poor digestion, but let’s just say I was physically at my worst. And I had just turned 40! With the emotional/societal baggage around that number. It was a low point for me. I was yelling at the kids to put their shoes on every morning and my back was too sore to easily lift the baby or play tickle monster. I decided I had to turn it around. It just took motivation and the right plan.

I ran a simple hormone test and realized my cortisol was out of balance (no surprise!). I did a diet diary so I could see the areas I needed most improvement.

  • I got a new fitbit that keeps track of my sleep and my steps. And mine reminds me every hour if I have been sitting the whole time.
  • I set up a weekly meal plan with healthy breakfasts and snacks and quick dinners and I committed to it.
  • I started taking the right herbs to balance cortisol.

The first day I got to sleep earlier I felt better and a week after healthy breakfasts and snacks and I wasn’t yelling at the kids as much. Now, I’m maintaining all those naturopathic basics like healthy eating, regular exercise, adequate sleep and the right supplements.

TIRED, OVERWHELMED, EATING POORLY – this was me! But it’s not me anymore. I took my own advice. I made some big changes. I found the time to make those changes and now they don’t seem so hard anymore. And I feel great! I want you to feel great too. Being a busy parent is hard! I love being a parent. I love spending time with my kids. I want you to love the time you have with your kids too.

If you have fatigue, and if you are confused by Dr Google or by the supplement aisle at the health food store – or heck, if you are just overwhelmed in general – talk to me. I have helped hundreds of people with fatigue gain more energy, which means they have more time to do the things they love and aren’t overwhelmed with life.

I offer a free twenty minute discovery session where we can get to know each other a bit better and decide if we’ll be a good fit working together.

I want to help you illuminate your health… naturally.


I am a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor. I provide outstanding, holistic health care for the whole family with a focus on chronic disease.

This website is under construction, email me at jaie@illuminatinghealth.com.

My Journey to Naturopathic Medicine 

I grew up working backstage in community theater productions, so it seemed logical to go on to study theatrical design in college. It was when I was working full time in NYC (and living a stressful NYC pace!) that I realized my migraines and joint aches were significantly interfering with life and weren’t going to go away on their own! I saw doctors and chiropractors and massage therapists without much relief. Finally I met a natural health care provider who told me to slow down, eat healthier, and prioritize self care. No more grabbing a slice and eating it while walking to my next meeting! She worked with me to learn stretches and exercises to keep those aches away. And after years of trial and error I learned my migraine triggers and (mostly) avoid them.




I started making more of my own dinners and getting to bed early (no small feat while living in NYC). I was so inspired by the changes these simple (but not easy!) things had produced that I wanted to learn more. I quit my job and went through a life-changing massage program in Ithaca, NY. There I learned more about anatomy and physiology and the benefits of self care. I was also introduced to herbal medicine while studying with Tammi Sweet.

Of course with that undergrad degree in theater design, I had to back up and take some science classes. I did that right here at the Community College of Philadelphia. I then went to National College of Natural Medicine (now NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. I was fortunate to study with some of the leaders in the Naturopathic Medical world, including Tori Hudson, a leader in women’s health, Steven Sandburg-Lewis, GI specialist and leading the way in natural SIBO treatment, Jillian Stansbury & Glen Nagel, herbal medicine doctors and teachers, Heather Zwickey, immune researcher, Satya Ambrose, with her inspiring bedside manner, Suzanne Scopes, practicing primary care with a focus on trans care, Deborah Frances, grounded in nature care, and Liz Collins, naturopathic pediatrician.

In 2010, I graduated, took and passed the national licensing exams and moved back to Philadelphia to be closer to family. I’ve been in practice since then and seeing folks here on 19th St since 2014. My business name, Illuminating Health, is a nod to my first career as a lighting designer, and now my inspiration to help you illuminate your health… naturally.

My Specialties

Skin Health

Naturopathic medicine shines at dermatology because we don’t just suppress symptoms, but rather seek to find and correct the underlying causes of skin conditions. A naturopathic approach includes improving internal function while finding the best topical approaches.

Digestive Health

Proper gut function is key to overall health. If you aren’t digesting, absorbing and eliminating properly then it’s nearly impossible to achieve optimal health. A naturopathic approach includes removing individual food sensitivities and improving function while reducing symptoms.


In today’s society we are all struggling to balance overwhelming demands. This imbalance can cause anxiety, sleep disruption and worsening of any physical symptom. In addition to helping create and maintain better stress management techniques, herbs and nutrition are very helpful at restoring balance.

Immune System

Seventy percent of your immune system is in your digestive system, so it’s no surprise that a naturopathic approach will include improving gut health! Identifying and removing food sensitivities can reverse autoimmune conditions and reduce allergies.